Audio Narcotiks Presents The Lox - Heist Muzik


01-The Lox-The Heist
02-The Lox-Felony Niggas
03-The Lox-Ya'll Done Fucked Up
04-No Remorse Interlude
05-The Lox-Everybody Wanna Rat
06-The Lox-We Are The Streets
07-The Lox-Lick Shots
08-The Lox-Bust Your Gun
09-The Lox-Whatup
10-Styles P & Sheek Louch-Return Of The Ghost
11-Sheek Louch-Fuck That
12-Styles P Ft.Bucky-Kill Niggaz
13-Sheek Louch-Respect
14-Jadakiss-Gator Ent.
15-Sheek Louch-Stop Playin
16-Styles P-Lay A Nigga
17-Jadakiss-Sneak Dissin
18-Sheek Louch-Sound Of Gunz
19-Styles P-Murder Was The Case
20-Sheek Louch, Jae Hood & Styles P-Bullets From A Gun
21-Sheek Louch-This Shit Right Here
22-Styles P-Gunz Up
23-Jadakiss-One Of Ours
24-Sheek Louch-One Shot
25-Styles P-Ghost Is Comin
26-Styles P-Ghost Is Back
27-Jadakiss-Deathwish Ft.Lil Wayne

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